About us


Your Captain, David has cruised the Miss Molly canal boat around the canals of North West England for three years. The canals have included Cheshire, Lancashire, Leeds and Liverpool, the Bridgewater, the Trent & Mersey, the Shropshire Union and recently the very beautiful Llangollen canals.  He has seen so many tourists, trying to learn the ropes and steer their newly hired narrow boat - sometimes very well and sometimes struggling to grasp the helm, bumping into other boats and lock sides.

There are dozens of good marinas hiring well maintained canal boats and their staff do their best, in perhaps only a 20 minute briefing, to teach the new crew all about cruising a narrow boat.  With all of their best intentions this can not hope to be enough and there is never time to take a crew with their new boat through a set of locks, open a lift bridge or steer through a long dark tunnel.  One can hire small craft on a Day Boat Hire basis but again, these are usually self drive and the new crew only get a very short briefing. Miss Molly cruises, are very different to all of the above; suck and see approach of hiring a self steer narrow boat.

Charter Boat Hire

Miss Molly cruises provide a Charter canal boat hire for you and your party.  You will get the full undivided attention and guidance of your Captain, who will be with you and the crew at all times she is cruising. You can learn what you like, when you like or just enjoy the cruise with your family or partner.



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