Do It Slowly


The maximum speed for canal boats on any inland waterway is 4 m.p.h.  This is to avoid washing the banks and to keep things at a leisurely pace. Life on board a narrow boat takes a bit of getting used to. It usually takes 1 to 2 days of cruising for people to slow down from our normal fast pace of life of work, shopping and socialising. We all spend far too much time nowadays rushing here, there and every where. 
I can assure you, your time on board Miss Molly will slow you down.  There is just the countryside and wildlife to look at, a spot of fishing, the ducks to feed and the occasional lock or bridge to open. 

To give you an idea of the speed of a cruise

Estimate the distance in miles from a cruise map = D
Add the number of locks and lift bridges.  = L
Add D + L and divide by 3 = the number of hours travel.

For example;
Llangollen canal; Hurleston locks to Llangollen marina
D = Distance 44.5 miles
L = No of locks (21) and lift bridges, (8) inc. 2 busy aqueducts and 1 tunnel  = 32
D + L = say 76 /3 = say 25 hours cruising.
At approx 8 hours a day that is a good three days cruise.  In a car it would take about 1 hour!!
Slow isn't it. !!


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