Health & Safety

Your health and safety is your Captains' prime concern and you will be fully briefed at the first rendezvous location before you even set foot aboard Miss Molly.  Narrow boating is a very slow way of travelling but as you will be spending most of the cruise either on board or at the canal side then there are a few important aspects to take into account;

  • The canal depth varies from 2 foot to 6 foot deep with a soft and uneven bottom.
  • It is ideal if you can swim but if not, life saving equipment will be provided at no cost.
  • All locks quaysides are unfenced with deep drops into water or onto Cills.
  • Lock gates are heavy and mostly well balanced
  • Paddle mechanisms are usually steel gearing with grease and have a habit of dropping when using a windlass.
  • Bridges and tunnels have a very limited headroom and crew should keep within the confines of the boat 
  • The Captain has a very strict no alcohol consumption policy  when cruising and no one is allowed to steer Miss Molly when they are under the influence of drink or drugs. 
  • Tow paths are usually very uneven, overgrown and slippery when wet.

Equipment on board
  • Life ring
  • Four automatic inflating Life jackets
  • One juvenile buoyancy aid.  
  • Boat hook
  • Three fire extinguishers
  • One fire blanket.


Health & Safety Policy

A full Health and Safety policy statement has been written and approved by the insurers. A copy is available on request and is always on board from your captain.


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