Terms & Conditions


The terms for a weekend or a week’s cruise on the canal boat; Miss Molly are as follows;

The Captain; David Thresh has full authority over the boat and his crew at all times. The fees charged are as per laid out on the Miss Molly Website and can be varied at any time.

The Client shall be fully briefed and have read, understood and signed the H&S policy and the Risk Assessment before embarking upon the boat..

The times of rendezvous for the start of the taster weekend cruise will generally be 6pm on Friday evening and the departure times from the location at the end of the cruise will be no later than 8pm on Sunday. Other short cruises will be agreed before hand.

The Clients will be responsible for their own travel costs and will make their own arrangements to the start and from the departure rendezvous locations.

If two cars are used, one at each end of a linear cruise, then the Captain shall provide his own car or adequate transport for the Client to be returned back to their own car.

The Captain shall provide to the Client detailed directions and post codes of the rendezvous locations.

The Captain shall provide all fire fighting and life saving equipment on board Miss Molly for the Clients use. The equipment shall be sufficient for their safe use whilst on the canal experience weekend.

The Captain cannot guarantee that any of the suggested cruise experiences will be on offer and these may change at any time depending on any canal closures or emergency works arranged by British Waterways.

The weekend and short cruises are charged on a self catering basis for the Client with the exception that light refreshments shall be provided free of charge to the Clients throughout the cruise. The Client will have free access to the fridge, gas oven, 4 ring hob and the microwave.  Please note the engine needs to be running at 1200rpm with the inverter on for the operation of the microwave.

If the Client wants to have full board catering on the cruise then there will be an additional charge to be agreed.

If any of the Clients wish to bring on board their own refreshments of alcoholic beverages then that shall be at their own cost and at their own risk. Please note the conditions for alcohol consumption of those wishing to use Miss Molly as noted below.

Pets such as cats and small dogs are allowed on board subject to prior agreement for the weekend but the Client shall be responsible for their pet’s safety, food, water, accommodation and hygiene at all times.

The conditions to ensure an enjoyable weekend cruise are as follows;

For any Client who may wish to experience the control, mooring up of the boat or the use of locks and lift bridges and it the interests of their own safety, then that person shall not be under the influence of drink or drugs.

If at any time any Client becomes unruly or under the influence of alcohol or drugs the Captain reserves the right to evict that person off the boat to a suitable safe location. The Captain will contact a relative or friend of that person to ensure they are left with a responsible person.

The Client and all members of the party shall keep within the confines of the boat whilst passing under low bridges or cruising through tunnels and heed the Captains instructions at all times.

The Client shall keep clean and prevent damage to the craft and her equipment in accordance with the Captains instructions.

Whilst there is a CD player and radio on board, with some music provided by the Captain, the Client is expected to behave in a quiet and respectful manner to the Captain and any other canal users. If any noise becomes excessive, as judged by the Captain, then he shall reserve the right to ask the offending person to leave the boat as per the earlier conditions. Please note that so a peaceful weekend away from the stresses of ordinary living can be experienced, there is no television on board.

The canal network follows through some very beautiful but remote countryside and the Client shall be aware that mobile signals may vary and cease all together at times.

There are many personal affects of the Captains upon the boat and these shall be kept on board and not damaged.

General Information

You will get the attention and guidance of your Captain and crew who will be with you at all times she is cruising or moored up. You can learn what you like, when you like or just enjoy the cruise with your family or partner.

The cruise, depending on the location of the boat and the stretch of the canal you will be on, will normally provide the following experiences;
• Starting off from the tow path.
• Steering and passing other boats – port to port and winding.
• Stopping and mooring her up to tow path rings or with steel pegs in the bank.
• Steering into and out of locks, 7ft or 14 ft wide.
• Operating lock ground and gate paddles with a Windlass.
• Opening and closing single and mitre gates
• Operating and passing through a set of Staircase locks.
• Opening and closing lift bridges; manual and hydraulic.
• Steering through tunnels; 50 yards to 1200 yards.
•Using the Anderton boat lift – on special occasions.
• Traversing aqueducts; i.e. Chirk and Pontcysyllte on Llangollen canal
• Emptying the Thetford toilet cassette - a real joy that one, but essential.
• Filling the tanks up with either water or diesel.
• Basic knots.


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