The Skipper


Your Captain, David Thresh has three years experience of cruising on the canal network and qualified as a Royal Yacht Association, Inland Waters Helmsman in January 2009.

He is a professional Civil Engineer and is qualified with a B.Eng (Hons) in Civil Engineering. He is also a Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers, M.I.C.E. an Incorporated Engineer, I.Eng. and aN Incorporated Member of IMarEST. After the last three years of Maritime engineering he attended a five day Small Craft Surveying course at Plymouth University last November. He also attended and passed the Boat Safety Scheme, BSS Examiner course in March 2011.  Once he has arranged for the paperwork to be completed, he will be able to carry out Pre-purchase boat surveys and BSS Examinations.

Guided Engineering Cruises.
David has a specific knowledge and interest in the history and engineering aspects of the canal network. So if you also have a similar interest, he can act as your engineer and guide on your cruise to add that special something.

David has many interests and enjoys walking, mountaineering, mountain biking, ornithology, photography and natural history.  Most canals have an abundance of wildlife and David will be able to identify most species of birdlife, trees and plant species to make your trip more interesting. At a ripe old age of 58 he is a mature gentleman with a kind disposition and a good sense of humour. He is a Reiki healer to class 2, as well so he is calm and settled in any situation.

The Crew

It is normal practice to have at least one crew member to assist with the opening of lift bridges and locks. Whilst one can operate most locks and bridges single handed your captain will endeavour to employ at least one crew member for a cruise in order to ensure the safety of the Clients on board at all times.

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